This is the origin of river Kaveri on the eastern slopes of Brahmagiri peak at 1350 metres altitude, about 8 km by road from Bhagamandala.

An enclosure around the spring called Gundige is connected to a small pond beside. The water from the pond goes underground and comes out after about one kilometer down the hill. There are three shrines above the spring and birds eye view of west-coast from the hill range.

On a predetermined date and time of Tulasankranthi every year the spring from Gundige overflows called Thirthodbhava. This holy water is carried home by all pilgrims when they go back after paying the last rituals to their parent or spouse departed during the preceding year.

There is a shrine near the kundike and a big tank in front of it where devotees baths before offering prayers. There are 2 temples here, a Shiva temple with a rare and ancient Shiva Linga, and another Lord Ganesha's temple. According to legend, the Trimurtis - Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh gave darshan to sage Agastya at the holy Ashwantha tree near the temple.

Legends also has it that every year on Tulasankramana day which falls approximately on 17 October Goddess Parvati appears in the Kundike as the sacred teerthodbhava. This occasion is marked by the sudden spring of water in the kundike and is considered very auspicious.

From Talakaveri, steps lead up to the nearby Brahmagri peak. It is believed that the 7 great sages called the Sapta Maharishis had performed a special yagna here. From the peak, as well as on the drive to Talakaveri, you can enjoy a good view of the misty blue Brahmagiri hills.